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Why do I need leadership coaching?

Good leaders have impact because of who they are, how they succeed through others, and what they know about solving problems. They grow organizations profitably, staying focused on customers. Employees have confidence in them because they are effective. The ITD Leadership Competence Development Process was developed to help you become a more effective leader in both your personal and professional life.

How does it work?

We use the Leadership Competence Indicator (LCI) to help you understand your capabilities as a leader. It reveals how your affect and behavior compare to your peers in management, how you see yourself as a leader, how others see you as a leader, and what actions you can take to improve your leadership competence.

Unlike other assessments, the LCI looks at your personality, emotions, and decision making abilities holistically, since all three operate interactively to inform your leadership skills, especially when work conditions are uncertain or unclear.

The LCI will help you become aware of where you need to improve, set personal goals for improvement, and provide one-on-one coaching to help you interpret your results and measure your progress.

What does the Leadership Competence Development Process include?

The complete package consists of:

Phase I: Initial Assessment

  • The Affective Decision Making Profile (ADMP), a valid and standardized report that compares your affective decision making to managers in other organizations
  • The Transformational and Customer Leadership 360 Report, which compares how you see yourself as a leader with how others in your organization view you

Phase II: Coaching Support

  • One-hour session with a certified ITD coach to review your report and help you set goals and identify tools and methods you use to support your development

Phase III: Track Progress

  • A follow-up 360 Report to assess how you’ve progressed against your goals

Phase IV: Coaching Support

  • One-hour session with a coach to review your progress against your goals

Additional coaching sessions may be added if desired.