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Our unique combination of “best in class” psychological and organizational assessments provide a holistic profile of an individual’s current functioning, ideal work context, and future leadership potential. Our combined product offerings aid organizations in effectively assessing individuals, groups, and the organization as a whole. The assessment instruments we use are carefully selected to:

  • Eliminate cross-cultural bias
  • Have proven validity and reliability correlated with business results
  • Measure integrated personality cognitive functioning
  • Create sophisticated automated reports
  • Capitalize on computer interactivity to ensure standardized assessment
  • Focus on practical application
  • Ensure holistic assessment of cognition, motivation, and behavior

Individual Assessment

ITD provides in-depth information on the key strengths and development needs of individuals, as well as suggested development activities. Our individual assessment tools are useful for:

  • Creating a personalized leadership development guide that outlines problem-solving skills and interpersonal behavior and provides motivational and value profiles
  • Laying a foundation for individual/executive coaching and leadership training programs
  • Identifying learning styles to inform an appropriate training approach
  • Career development, career guidance, or career pathing
  • Gaining self-insight into one’s motivation, and understanding an individual’s ideal work context
  • Understanding self and others, thereby facilitating team functioning

Organizational Assessment

Our approach to assessment at a group level focuses on understanding the dynamics of groups and teams, the nature of their unique business challenge, and the leadership and cognitive potential within the team. Our organizational assessment tools are useful for:

  • Succession planning
  • Identifying barriers to team performance
  • Team effectiveness training
  • Leadership development

For more information on the specific instruments we use, click on the tabs in this section.