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The Values Orientation

The Values Orientation (VO) questionnaire was developed to measure the impact of consciousness factors and high-level organizing frameworks on the way individuals use their capability and personality.  The VO reflects an individual’s worldviews, their assumptions about life, and how they establish priorities. This information is particularly useful in the work environment for matching individuals to jobs, performance management, personal development, team building, leadership development, conflict management, and diversity management.

The VO report shows the value systems that were accepted and rejected by candidates in terms of:

  • The individual’s worldview
  • Typical behavior to be expected
  • Prime motivators
  • Emotional manifestations
  • Implications for organizational setting preferred
  • Leadership orientation
  • Optimal personal contributions
  • Environments that are avoided (and how these are interpreted)
  • Personal readiness for change

The VO’s advantages include:

  • A sound theoretical basis anchored in the work of leading theorists
  • Applicability at both micro and macro levels
  • Validity and reliability
  • Relatively nontransparent item content, not easily manipulated
  • Web-enabled administration and scoring as well as automated reporting
  • Reflective of both strengths and weaknesses of all profile combinations
  • Reflective of “normal” and potential stress related behavior of the individual
  • Applicable in culturally diverse environments

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The Denison Organizational Culture Survey

The Denison Organizational Culture Survey (DOCS) has been used by more than 5,000 companies worldwide since first becoming available over 20 years ago. The survey is designed to assess an organization’s strengths and weaknesses as they apply to organizational performance, and includes 60 items that measure specific aspects of an organization’s culture. The scale and scope of the survey implementation can be customized to each organization.

Raw survey data is compared to Denison’s global database of nearly 1,000 organizations (from multiple industries, regions, and sectors) and tabulated to provide a graphical profile that conveys the results in the form of percentile scores. This method enables organizations to benchmark their culture scores against other higher and lower-performing organizations worldwide.

DOCS assists organizations in:

  • Assessing the strengths and weaknesses that are impacting their performance
  • Identifying areas of focus for improvement
  • Aligning their culture change and leadership development initiatives
  • Creating action plans

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