Leadership and Team Assessment and Development

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Our diversity of experience enables us to address a broad range of leadership and development needs. Areas we assist clients with include:

  • Clarifying and defining competencies necessary for leadership positions, and reconciling expectations with the reality of the talent that is available
  • Identifying potential leaders within the organization and developing training/coaching plans to help them realize their potential
  • Creating interview guides for hiring managers and training them for conducting the interview process
  • Providing the organization with performance management tools and support to ensure continuous performance improvement

To assess the strengths of new hires and identify opportunities for development within the team and organization, we use a variety of “best in class” assessment tools that have proven reliability and validity in the context of the work environment. These tools can be used to measure:

  • Leadership Development
  • Job Fit
  • Personality
  • Cognition
  • Values
  • Motivation

For information on the specific assessment instruments we employ, please visit the “Assessment Tools” section of this website.