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Our Approach

We partner with our clients through the entire process, from preliminary diagnosis through design and implementation of the plan. We work with clients to determine objectives and to create a detailed road map that includes desired deliverables, proposed interventions, timelines for completing each phase of the project, and tools for measuring the success of the outcomes. We deliver expert, practical recommendations that can be easily implemented within the context of the organization’s structure and culture. We ensure that each client receives what they need exactly when we’ve promised to deliver it. Throughout the process we keep listening, staying flexible and sensitive to the client’s needs while remaining focused on delivering positive results.

Our services may be customized as:

  • Project-based: We create and facilitate events such as executive retreats and team-building meetings to address the ad-hoc needs of our clients. These services are often developed under the direction of the client’s human resource department.
  • Complete retained organizational development service: For small to mid-sized companies, we can act as a turnkey organizational development department, providing training and development, assessment, selection, and coaching services for the entire organization. In this capacity we typically work directly with the organization’s executives.